Meet Our Service Team in Painesville, OH

  • Service (800) 731-9756 (440) 210-7112
    • Mike Gedney Photo
      Mike Gedney
      Warranty Specialist
      Phone : 4406393048
    • Tanya Buhl Photo
      Tanya Buhl
      Service Consultant
      Phone : 4406393046
    • Tim Zehner Photo
      Tim Zehner
      Service Consultant
      Phone : 4406393044
    • Michael Vitalone Photo
      Michael Vitalone
      Service Consultant
      Phone : 4406393045
    • Susan Smith Photo
      Susan Smith
      Service Administrator
      Phone : 4406393032
    • Kip Martin Photo
      Kip Martin
    • Mike Mastalski Photo
      Mike Mastalski
      Service Foreman/ World Class Technician
    • Ken Marckese Photo
      Ken Marckese
      Parts Manager
      Phone : 4406393035
    • Mike Andrews Photo
      Mike Andrews
      World Class Technician
    • Adam Mackey Photo
      Adam Mackey
      World Class Technician
    • Mike Arcaro Photo
      Mike Arcaro
      Service Technician
    • Rex Briggs Photo
      Rex Briggs
      Service Technician
    • Scott Gierke Photo
      Scott Gierke
      Service Technician
    • Paul Hanson Photo
      Paul Hanson
      Service Technician
    • Tim Harber Photo
      Tim Harber
      Service Technician
    • Steve Kostur Photo
      Steve Kostur
      Service Technician
    • Mark Pete Photo
      Mark Pete
      Service Technician
    • Matt Spargur Photo
      Matt Spargur
      Service Technician
    • Jeremy  Smalley Photo
      Jeremy  Smalley
      Service Technician
    • Andrew  Ta Photo
      Andrew  Ta
      Lube Technician
    • Mitchell Seidel Photo
      Mitchell Seidel
      Lube Technician
    • Mike Dixon Photo
      Mike Dixon
      Service Lot Manager
    • Anthony  Cicconetti Photo
      Anthony  Cicconetti
      Parts Specialist
      Phone : 4406393487

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